Engineering Managers have been missing valuable face time with their team members lately. Working remotely at all times due to COVID makes getting feedback from our team members a bit harder.

Receiving candid feedback from our team and acting on this feedback is crucial for creating a culture that cares to continuously improve itself and not fall victim to the gravitational pull towards mediocrity.

Today, we are introducing a new tool in ManagersApp’s Team Module, Team Pulse ❤️ to help EMs close this gap and collect insightful feedback about how their team members are doing.

  • Team Pulse is extremely easy to start. It’s a single click to start collecting valuable feedback.
  • Pulse surveys are meant to take < 60 seconds to fill out.
  • Pulse Surveys are anonymous. ManagersApp does not tie results to individual team members.
  • Team Pulse is free under ManagersApp’s Team Module.

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