It feels longer than a month but it has been precisely a month since I left my full time job and decided to take some time off.

I thought it would be a good idea to capture my thoughts and feelings once in a while to keep track of how things are progressing. We tend to forget things, in fact we forget most things, hence I’m writing them down.

There were multiple reasons why I wanted to take some time off from work but that is a conversation for another day. That said, I never thought about taking a hiatus until about 6 months ago. I was one of those people who actually liked working all the time. I usually worked while on vacation. Here I’m waking up in the morning and not thinking about commute anymore. Difference between Monday and Saturday mornings only involve whether I need to feed my kids breakfast, prepare lunch for school and get them out of the door or not.

I have been feeling very grateful to be able to stay home and take care of the kids. My son who is all better now was quite sick early last year, leaving him home sick and going to work was very stressful. I’m aware of the privilege to be able to stay home, cook and clean for my kids and enjoy the time with them.

Leaving a good job at a great company was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. I thought very hard about it. Read so many articles. Tried to play out different scenarios. Considered so many things including financial ruin, judgements of others, the gap in my LinkedIn profile, the list goes on and on. There was one thing that was common about these worries that kept coming to my mind: None of them had anything to do with other people but myself. I needed to decide whether I needed this time off or not and I decided that I did.

It has been a busy and rewarding month. Besides being a full time dad, putting the house on the market I have also been able to work on some projects. More about these projects later...