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I work in the tech industry in NYC. I began my career as a software engineer and later moved into engineering leadership. My experience spans from being one of the first engineering hires at small startups to working at companies with thousands of employees.

As you can imagine, my role varied depending on the stage of the company, but overall I was fortunate enough to work with smart people, tackle some difficult technical challenges and grow as a leader.

Reflecting on my experiences at different companies, I noticed both the similarities in the challenges they faced and the significant differences in how they addressed them. Their actions often reflected their core values. While no company gets everything right, some learn and improve over time, whereas others struggle to adapt effectively.

My professional experiences made me realize the need for better management practices in tech companies, both new and established. Sharing experiences and ideas among tech professionals is essential for developing tools that promote best practices. Here, I’m sharing my own experiences and ideas to contribute to this effort.

I hope you find some of this content useful.

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